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Subject: RE: Re: [Leica] Re: DOF DOESN'T EXIST! (was: how can the 75 Lux focusgobad?)
From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 21:44:29 -0500

>>  I suspect that, that is what everyone, using an RF camera, does. For large
>>  blow-ups, think f/8, shoot at f/16. With the newer APO & ASPH lenses, this
>>  is critical. You can relax this when using older non modern design lenses.
>>  Jim
>Why is this Jim? I'd think I'd be the opposite!!!
>mark rabiner

> I'm not Jim, but my reasons are the following:

> With the new, very highly corrected lenses, the items in the true 
> plane of focus are rendered more crisply than with previous lenses. 
> The sharpest items in a picture set the perceptual standard for 
> sharpness in that image, so if the standard is very high, the 
> criteria for what else in the picture is 'sharp enough' also gets 
> raised.

Neither am I Jim, but I agree with your assessment.  I believe it is very dependant on what film you are using, and how it is developed.  You can only take advantage of the increased resolution if the film can accommodate it.

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