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Subject: Re: RE: Subject: [Leica] Re: 50 mm f/1.4
From: "Rob Conley" <>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 02:17:38 -0500


I agree with your 'soapbox stance'.  Part of what we are paying for with many leica products (not all) are certainly first world wage prices. Many of us are OK with that.  Wish more workers were fairly paid.


>>> 02/03/01 02:07 AM >>>
>But then, how is it possible that for similar quality we have to pay more?
>For me $$$$ are important and cost is due, of course, to the product quality
>but besides to the efficiency in producing something.  Are someone charging
>anything more that I do not know? Or are they inefficient producing these
>goods? Excuse my rational approaching.

Yes, Leica is not as efficient, or its workers are paid first world 
rates, or the tax system in Germany is a problem, or the small runs 
mean Schott charge more for glass etc. All these things are 
realities. People still make shoes in Australia, but they are not the 
most efficiently made. They cost more, but they are good quality, the 
people who make them pay me for doctoring to them and my pay is the 
same ratio as theirs. If you get first world pay, don't bark at 
someone else for doing so as well --- if the $$$$ are important, buy 
the more efficiently made product -- even if the efficiency is in 
reality "screwing" the third world. Its all a matter of 
globalization. We do not have to buy Leica, we chose to. You guys 
would be horrified by the mark up we pay here in Australia --- upto 
30% more for every piece of new gear. Thankfully the small population 
cannot support high second-hand prices, so this is where we suffer 
and benefit.

Sorry to rant. I know that we are all now brought up to expect the 
cheapest leanest and meanest, but I still love some of the features 
of the old ecoomy.  Sometimes if you yearn for something you are 
more satisfied when you get it. I still wish down jackets were made 
in Canada --- that's where I got the best of mine from, but now 
Chinas low pay rates rule.

Oh do get off that soap box firkin or you will be banished to the 
delete automatically key ;-)


- -- 
Alastair Firkin