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Subject: [none]
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 08:27:33 -0700 (MST)

At 07:21 AM 2/1/01 +0100, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>Hi Mark,
>I have been wondering about the same thing, as I am also about to try my 
>first roll
>of this film and I use black plastic Jobo developing tanks. But logically it 
>be OK, since the film is shipped in a black plastic canister which is much 
>than the developing tank.
>Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> Running this stuff in my darkroom for the first time. High Speed Infrared. 
>> I've got black plastic lids for my metal tanks.
>> Are they OK?
>> The instructions say IR transmits freely through black plastic.
>> I'm planing on loading my tank with a changing bag in my dark darkroom.
>> But i wasn't planning on developing the film in my darkroom in the closed 
>> with the lights off.
>> Anyone do this?
>Nathan Wajsman
>Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland
>General photo site:
>Belgium photo site:
>Motorcycle site:
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At 07:21 AM 2/1/01 +0100, Nathan Wajsman wrote: