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Subject: Re: [Leica] Buying New Enlarger. Saunders 4500 Pt. 2.
From: Vick Ko <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 19:29:16 -0500
References: <>

This is exactly the model I bought.

I bought it mint-used, and drove it 6 hours to get home.  It assembled
and was fully alignment right away.  It is built very very solid.  I can't
find any adjustment areas for it - most of the enlarger head is bolted
together with allen head bolts.  It is reminiscent of military electronics -
built tough.

The colum on mine is long - and it did take a bit to get used to
where all the knobs and locks are.

The head does seem to leak more light than I'd like, but I do not
have many other models to compare with.  I'm just getting back
into darkroom work, and the last enlarger I had was an Omega B22 XL.
To get around this, I cover the head with a dark towel when I'm
exposing, and take the towel off after the exposure.  The head does
run pretty hot.

I really like the fine focus knob (there is a fine and coarse focus).

I also like that I could buy extra bulbs at a local bulb shop.

I switch from the colour head to a BW variable contrast head, and
the swap-out is very very smooth.  This enlarger was very well
thought out when it was designed.  Both the head swap and bulb
access is done with captive screws that won't fall out and won't
get lost.

Can't say much that I don't like, except for the light leakage
at the negative holder stage.

Good luck
Vick wrote:

> Forgot to mention that I am mainly interested in the Saunders VCCE module for the 4500.
> Thanks
> Zack

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