Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/01/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: @#&$$& Watermarks!!
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 00:46:48 EST

 That was an amazing amount of information on spots on negs! I rarely use 
distilled or de-ionized water for washing, occasionally for mixing up 
developers, that's all. I do use Photo-Flo, a squirt in a 2.5 liter jug and 
the film on the reels gets dunked in there for 30-60 seconds. I then unroll 
the films and hang them up to dry. I do wipe the film from top to bottom with 
my finders, one quick run down, barely touching the surface. Rarely any 
problem with scratches (once I had a sliver of stainless steel stuck in a 
finger and did not realise it and, yes it did scratch the film) and almost 
never any watermarks. Certain films are more prone to it too, Delta 100 is 
one and T-Max 100 also. I suspect that the newer, thin-emulsion films have 
more of a propensity for picking up these spots, could be a different surface 
tension or the gelatine in the film is more sensitive to drying marks.
 Using alcohol as a last wash was fairly common at newsrooms in the 'early" 
days. You throw the film in a quick wash with water (5-10 sec) and then into 
a "booze-bath" for 15-30 seconds and pulled it out and waved it around to 
evaporate the alcohol. Film dried quickly and there was less chance of having 
to peel the emulsion from the glass in the neg-carrier. No smoking in the 
film room was strongly recommended and after 10 or 15 rolls, the fumes got to 
you and even the night editors ravings started to make sense! The alcohol 
gets quickly diluted by the water and needs to be changed frequently.
Tom A