Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/01/29

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Subject: [Leica] PLUG alert - cassidy show this friday -- no art for the gutless!
From: Kyle Cassidy <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:03:36 -0500

hey lugnuts,

not that any of you have ever claimed that art is too expensive, (in fact, i
seem to recall you all saying it was too cheap) but now, those of you with
nerves of iron can swipe some PLUG art first friday feb 2, from the "Steal
This Show" exhibition at Vox Populi Gallery, 141 N 2nd Street in
Philadelphia, and running through Febuary 23rd 2000. i have 8 pieces up
there (representing my current "re-invention of self through body
manipulation" project) -- all intimately pilferable. some nudie goths, some
blood, and some bodybuilders so get there early before the professional
thieves show up. the show's being run by dissentia curitorial services and
vox populi.

a note on the stealing: security cameras will record your every move for
playback on the dissentia curitorial services website (
and security guards will be on hand to do their best to keep anything from
getting swiped -- if you get caught, they'll make a dreadfull scene and
throw you out of the gallery, but anything you can stuff in your coat and
get out the door with is yours to keep -- just remember to send in the
postcard attached to the back explaining what inspired you to break social
moreys' and make off with it.

i'll probably be hanging out at the gallery most of the night cause there's
free beer. hope to see you all there.

keep pressing that shutter, it'll come unstuck.


here's the text of dissentia's press release:


Opening February 2, 2000 at Vox Populi Gallery,141 N 2nd Street in
Philadelphia, and running through February 23rd

If imitation is a form of flattery, then theft must surely be the highest. 

As a sure hangover cure for the post -consumerist holiday frenzy, Dissentia
Curatorial Services presents its newest exhibition/event, 'Steal this Show'
on February 2nd at Vox Populi Gallery. There will be nothing here that you
can buy, but the art can easily be procured by anyone with the nerve and
skill to surreptitiously take it. Dissentia hopes that the pieces will be
thefted only by those who truly covet them and are able to display them. 

What does Dissentia want in return? Only that the thieves mail the stamped
postcard affixed to the back of their newest acquisition and confess, "Why
did you steal this piece of art?" They don't even need to sign their name.
But they will be encouraged to use their creativity and honesty, as their
confessions will be posted on the Dissentia website along with an image of
the work now in their possession. 

Their act of theft may appear there on the website, as Dissentia will stream
a video from a surveillance camera that records the opening night gala
event. This tape will also run at the gallery exhibition, which will
continue even as the physical artworks disappear. Anyone visiting Vox Populi
after the opening will see black and white images of the artwork, stamped
'stolen' in red adhered to the walls where original pieces once were. 

The artwork in 'Steal this Show' will be wide-ranging, including paintings,
prints, photos and objects. The curators have been encouraged by the
enthusiastic response from artists. Selected artists include Chris Vecchio,
David Gerbstadt, Kyle Cassidy, Jodi Sweitzer, Suzanne Schecter, Chris
Wildrick, and many more.

"Steal this Show" continues the spirit of Dissentia's past projects, which
seek to present work in unusual yet familiar locations that challenge
audiences to experience art in a new way. This exhibit further explores one
of Dissentia's founding principals - that art should be a democratic
experience; everyone should have access to it and be able to own it. "'Steal
this Show' was a way for us to push that envelope," said Chris Wilson. "We
wanted to make it possible for everyone to acquire works of art, to live
with them and learn of their real value."