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Subject: Re: [Leica] dear god - do NOT photograph your child's birth!
From: Johnny Deadman <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:20:26 -0500

on 1/26/01 1:38 PM, Ted Grant at wrote:

> From: "Kyle Cassidy" <>
>>>>>>> believe me, your kid does not need events like this photographed. and
>> neither does your wife. hold her hand and give her some encouragement and
>> cut the umbillical cord if you have to, but don't photograph it. some
>> things are better left a private mystery.<<<<<<<<<
> Hi Kyle,
> This is utter tripe and take it from a guy who has shot roughly 200
> birthings and all the pictures are family oriented and not likely the "in
> your face crotch" images on the movie reel you experienced as a student!

Ted said a lot of true things and I will only add one!

I did/didn't photograph my son's birth. He was an elective caesarian so my
wife never went into labour. I photographed the long wait for theatre time,
which was very tense, and I took a camera into the OR, but during the actual
hacking and slashing part I was there for handholding purposes only.
However, once the critter was out and my wife was being sewn up, I took a
lot of pictures of him because SHE COULDN'T SEE HIM. If I hadn't done that
my wife would have had no idea what he looked like in the first few minutes
after birth. It's very easy for mums who have C-sections to feel like they
missed out, so in these situations a camera is a great thing.

If I had tried to photograph the C-section itself, I would have fainted.
- -- 
Johnny Deadman