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Subject: [Leica] dear god - do NOT photograph your child's birth!
From: Kyle Cassidy <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 10:19:57 -0500 (EST)

> In about 1 week I'm going to be a dad, I've been think for some time of
> how to best capture the moment and also not to be stuffing around with
> cameras at a time like that.                                                         

best capture the moment by being there WITHOUT your goldang cameras.

and to illustrate this point, i think back to my college days ... i'm
alone in the apartment one afternoon, watching television when the phone
rings ... it's mrs. goldstein, my roommates' mother. 

"oh hello dear," she says, "i was just going through some things in the
attic and i found an 8mm film of adam's briss. i was going to throw it
away, but do you think he'd want that?" 

"oh yes mrs. goldstein, he'd want that VERY MUCH, just send it on over,
but you'd better address it to me. some of his mail has been getting
misdirected -- some screw up at the post office. thanks a bunch." 

"i'll put it right in the mail. good bye dear! and tell my sweet pea i
miss him!"

so 8 days later, a package arrives in the mail, addressed to me, with a
little 5 minute super 8 reel in it. i call all of adams friends and invite
them over ... we're still watching it (13th time) when adam gets back from

believe me, your kid does not need events like this photographed. and
neither does your wife. hold her hand and give her some encouragement and
cut the umbillical cord if you have to, but don't photograph it. some
things are better left a private mystery.


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