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Subject: Re: [Leica] Italy: Camera/lens advice
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 23:29:00 -0800
References: <>

Peter A. Klein responded to the below::

 > Ted Grant says:
> > Ok, so last night I should have had "a cup of coffee and a cigarette"
> > instead of a few glasses of Lagavulin... I got a tad bit offensive in my
> > response.. I hope Peter didn't take it personally. However... Sandy got
> > reeeeeeeallllllllly ticked off about the way I responded and I see I
> > have omitted the "dumb-assed question" comment.
> >
> > I quess I didn't consider that people who aren't as experienced do have
> > problems deciding what to take along on these trips.

Peter said:
> No, Ted, Peter didn't take it at all personally.  As Senior Statesman
> and Curmudgeon-at-Large of the LUG, you have earned the right to your
> opinions with many images and much shoe leather.<<<<<<<

Thank you Peter, I take that as an honour to be referred to in this manner.
As the positon has always been the title of super curmudgeon,  Marc James
Small! ;-) And I wouldn't want my old buddy down there in Roanoke get the
idea he's been supersceeded by an old fart from the Great White North! ;-)
But kind of neat to give him a tweak! ;-)

However sir, most importantly, thank you for not being offended by my charge
out of the hills. No excuse for it as it should have been delt with as any
other question asked many times in the past.

This was a much simpler answer and it would've sufficed to have said it
orginally, however in the heat of the moment you got what you got. :-)

ted's second offered answer:
> > The bottom line for equipment in the simplest form could be to take
> > the widest possible lens you have, something in the middle and the
> > Beyond that, take your favorite lens and enjoy your trip.<<<

Peter replied:
> Now you're talking!  Actually, I'm thinking in this direction now.
> Leica RF stuff is smaller and often lighter than SLR stuff, so I'm
> inclined to take the M4-P despite my trepidation about theft.<<<<

Honestly I believe this whole theft thing is over played which inturn
creates fear for folks that they should not have to go through when planning
a location for a holiday. Sure there have been situations of hotel rooms
being cleaned out or their car broken into, that happens right here in
Victoria and nearly every town and ville in the world.

But in most cases if one uses common sense they generally stay OK. All my
years travelling and in some of the damndest places you'd want to be, I've
only lost gear once and to some degree through my own stupidity! Hey come on
after all I'm not perfect! ;-)

And in this case, the camera was recovered due to the diligence of LUG
members in Malaysia who recovered an R8, winder and zoom lens, returning it
to me in perfect order 14 months later! An amazing story, along with an
incredible pile of good fortune!

And in your case finding out the camera is covered by your insurance makes
life much easier without going through the holiday constantly concerned that
if the camera goes, you personally have to pop all the money for a new one.

>>>I'll bring my 35/2 Summicron and my  90/4 Elmar, but instead of the 50/2
Summicron I'll bring my 50/1.4 Nikkor.  This gives me one very fast lens
where I really need it, and
> the Nikkor is fine as an outdoor 50, too.<<<

Good thinking on the 50 as there are going to be places without a doubt
where that 1.4 will be necessary.
> I might (MIGHT) also try to get hold of a 24mm lens like the current
> Cosina.  I can't justify a Leitz lens in that category right now.

Now that's a good move if you can pull it off or better still,  if there is
a wider that is still affordable go for it, as the locations you're visiting
a 15 mm would be just what the doctor ordered. Actually the Voigtlander15 mm
with adapter for the M camera isn't much more than around $500 US or close
to that and it's a super winner of a lens as far as I'm concerned.

> Regardless of what I take, I'm going to try to get some kind of
> belt-with-pouches or fanny pack that doesn't scream "camera."  Keeping
> the weight off your shoulders and on your hips means less pain and more
> energy.<<<<<<

On some travel trips I use a vest for carrying a couple of lenses and rolls
of film.  Not one of those big battle wagon vests with monstrous pouches all
over them. This is a rather semi dress casual vest that can actually be worn
under a jacket, a couple of zip side "pockets" and two pockets similar to
what you might find in a wind breaker, deep but without zippers or buttons.
Very handy and comfortable to wear, winter or summer.

Hopefully this will be an easier read! ;-)


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