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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica Users digest V19 #55
From: "Edward Birch" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:48:02 -0500
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> From: Jim Brick []
> Sent: 22 January 2001 23:04
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> Subject: [Leica] Re:  Yasuhara T-981

> A couple of years ago, after hearing about the Yasuhara T-98......I
commented about how it was probably going to be equal to a Petri purchased
at a military PX.........

> ps... Petri's, however, did work.  >

Yes, Petri rangefinder with f1.9 lens was a good camera.  Cost me $35.00 in
the Seoul Korea PX in 1958.  A Signal Corps PR Sergeant taught me how to use
the camera and how to develop 'n process the army issue Tri-X.  (320 ASA).
Everything was free, 'cept the camera.   I photographed damn near every
chance I got, bars, NCO club, alleys, brothels, ships, planes, sea-sick
solders on a troop transport, and Koreans.  I remember the Korean school
teenagers were eager to learn about America.

All of the photographs and negatives were lost over 30 years ago.  But I
remember that Petri kept a 19 year kid from becoming a
drunken bum in a god forsaken place.

BTW, years later, late 60's, I was gonna purchase another Petri, until a
friend suggested that I buy a used Leica III-c, with Summicron 2.0, for
$100.00.  I did, and I never looked back.

Edward Birch....M-6 'n a couple of M-3's.