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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAW, PAD etc.
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:18:57 -0800
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Martin Howard wrote:
>>>>>>.> I firmly believe that the major difference between a good
photographer and a
> mediocre photographer is the difference between five rolls per week and
> weeks per roll.<<<<<<<<<

Hi Martin,
There isn't any question about that. The more you shoot the better you
should become.  When I started doing this wonderful photography thing I was
earning the princely sum of $50. per week salary Canadian and married. Now
that was 1950, however it wasn't a true princely sum either! ;-) But I shot
at least ten rolls of film a week, I "rolled my own" at the time from 100 ft
bulk rolls.

And when I advanced to a Rollieflex, plus $75.00 per week salary, I shot 20
rolls of 120 a week. And I tried everything I read in the photo magazines or
was motivated by looking at LIFE & LOOK magazines.  Those were the days when
photo magazines were a true learning tool compared to the trash of today.

But the more shooting one does, without question, should make one a better
photographer! However, if one just snaps without any rhyme or reason, they
are not going to be any more than a snap shooter that gets lucky sometimes.
Not only is it important to shoot lots of images, it's important to look at
them and be throat cutting sincere in editing the material. And certainly
not relying on the kind words of relatives that one is doing just a smashing
job as a photographer!

Shooting lots of film with thought never hurt any photographer. Even after
many years as a professional it never does one any harm to do a simple self
project working with one lens when one has been accustomed to the use of
dozens! It can wake up ones visual excitement! :-)

Much like a well working aphrodisiac! ;-)


Ted Grant
Ted Grant Photography Limited
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> Shan jotted down the following:
> > I won't swear as to who it was, but I remember reading that (Stieglitz
> > HCB or ...) had a personal goal and routine of shooting a roll of twelve
> > every day for exercise no matter what ! That's one way to get your
> > in shape.
> I've recently hit on the idea that photography is a lot like music: taking
> pictures is a lot like playing an instrument.  Unless you practice at it
> constantly, you forget important nuances, you loose the 'flow'.
> M.
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