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Subject: Re: [Leica] my first test with the 12/5.6
From: "Ken Iisaka" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 22:45:12 -0800
References: <>


I couldn't put my own sentiment into words as well as you did below.
Regardless of emotional aspects, trademarks are just trademarks, and names
are names, belonging to the legal owners.  I can sort of understand Marc's
objection to how the name is now far removed from its history, though.
Using the same logic, however, RingFoto was no more a rightful user of the
Voigtlander name, or Leica AG (which I understand does not own the rights to
the scripted Leica logo) is of the Leica name.

Vive la difference!

> Marc, in my mind Voigtlander is indeed selling stuff today. Cosina bought
> name from RingFoto/Germany and just as BMW owns Rolls Royce, VW owns
> and , gasp! , Herme's owns 1/3 of Leica Camera AG, nobody really thinks
> the Bentley is a Beetle in disquise or the Rolls Royce is a BMW in sheep's
> clothing or that Leica is just another name for overpriced scarves -
> Voigtlander is alive and well, only operated under a new management and
> a different country. I would agree with you if the products were
> but I think that the Voigtlander of old would be very proud of some of the
> stuff Cosina produces under their name.
> The truth might set you free, but international marketing makes the world
> rather interesting place.
> Tom A

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