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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT rolleiflex
From: Johnny Deadman <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 09:33:44 -0500

on 11/1/01 1:59 am, Robert Appleby at wrote:

> I know I could subscribe to a Rolleiflex users group and get all the info I
> wan't, but I'm wondering if someone here could just recommend what type of
> Rolleiflex to get? I'm mainly interested in using it for portrait snaps in
> low light on a tripod. Colour slide. Is the planar 2.8 the one to go for?
> No doubt it's pretty expensive!
> Reply off list if you want to.

Rob, if you shop around you can pick up a 'flex for a good price. Mine is
battered and beaten but it only cost me about UKP 150. It's a T2 model (I
think) with the 75mm Xenotar f/3.5. I daresay others will tell me this is
sub-optimal but it is *hellishly* sharp. You can see my camera here:

The 3.5f and 2.8f has a different mechanism for selecting shutter speed and
aperture, which is probably a bit more convenient. These 'f' models are
probably the ones to go for -- they're the 'classic' usable rolleiflexes.
The other difference between the 3.5 and the 2.8 cameras (besides the
maximum aperture) is that the 3.5 is a 75mm lens and the 2.8 is an 80mm.
Personally I prefer the 75 length... it's hard to say what the equivalent on
a 35mm camera would be because of the different format but it feels like a
40 or so.

There is a decent overview of models here:

The one that really tickles my buds is the w/a one with a 55mm lens, but
I've never seen one anywhere.

They are really wonderful cameras. A whole slew of things you previously did
with your leicas you will now do instead with the flex once you see the
results. There's not much to go wrong with them, really, either.

- -- 
Johnny Deadman

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