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Subject: Re: [Leica] ......Pop Photog winning pics.....
From: "tmlee" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 20:12:57 +0800

Oh.... I meant to send it to U guys too as on the "cc".... since I am on the
Leica and OM list too.... thot I might get a more comprehensive view....


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From: Dr. Joseph Yao <>
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Date: Saturday, January 06, 2001 8:05 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] ......Pop Photog winning pics.....

>I am sure you meant to send the following to the Contax list?  Since the
>original message came from there.... ;-)
>I use Contax equipment too, in addition to my Leicas (on topic) ;-)
>on 6/1/01 7:08 PM, tmlee at wrote:
>> Dear All....
>> In response to someone's happy observation of Contax eqpt.....
>> Somehow , if U study the pics carefully...... I just feel the Grand Prize
>> pics were sort of a letdown, compared against the other place
winners..... I
>> mean no offence to the winners... plse do not be offended.....I felt
>> in the third place or Honourable mention categories deserved better
>> placings.... a lot of them I felt were superb pics considering the
>> they go thru to get the composition (and other thiings) right.....
>> The mantis shot was really remarkable.... I felt should be given grand
>> placing considering the difficulty of the shot..... how on earth do U
>> an insect ?! ( as opposed to other kinds of animals)
>> The 2nd placing horse shot was I thot had more merits than the baby
>> playing with the stick...... the horse composition was so strong... any
>> first glance will make U pick it out first , rather than the Jaguar
>> cub......
>> The 2nd prize photojournalism shot of the burned down bldg with the
>> newspaper vendor was more poignant than the kids standing in line at the
>> food shelter.....
>> The Honourable mention "Rand Pachni" festival (very red) was also
>> a better placing......
>> How do I judge ?
>> I always felt good pics are those that are able to capture a real moment
>> time , something that can't be orchestrated repeatedly to achieve an
>> shot , .......... At that split moment, if the picture taker is able to
>> combine all ingredients eg, composition, lighting , content , capturing a
>> significant moment in time - telling a story by the 'clues' in the pic
>> ...... thats a mark of a good photo let alone good photographer.... If
>> emotions are stirred, its already a significant clue of a good pic.......
>> I just feel that a good pic is that 'elusive' shot where everything comes
>> together at that split second, and the photographer had the foresight and
>> vision to anticipate it and capture it on film .....
>> The grandma having a tatto was really good....... that I agree...... Its
>> example of what I am saying about capturing THE moment.....
>> consider this : age gap, young and old ..... a tense combination.....
>> subject of tattoo - even more unexpected ...... composition - the dead
>> serious granny and the tickled youngsters..... the seriousness of the
>> artist was a clue that the scene was not enacted.......
>> In the same vein, the cowhand grabbing the  toddler by the pants , and
>> Buckingham palace guard were definitely more meritorious than the 3rd
>> baby playing with the faucet.......
>> I am curious about the judging criteria......
>> Anyone share my view ?
>> Lastly , let me reiterate that I am not putting down the winners per
>> As U can see by now I am 'opinionating' about the criteria......
>> Peace
>> TMLee
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