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Subject: Re: [Leica] American Photo
From: Dan Cardish <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 14:20:43 -0500
References: <34EEAD35AB9BD311BE4A0050DA27CFA030BC47@ERNIE>

Since mark is coming out of the closet, I think I will too!   I too read
American Photo, fairly regularly.  There is a strong emphasis towards photo
collecting which I find interesting, and less on stuff about developers and
zone system etc. which is discussed to death in many of the other rags.
The portfolios aren't particulary great, but I actually read the articles
(though the current newstand issue hasn't tempted me yet).

dan c.

At 10:41 AM 04-01-01 -0800, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>Buzz Hausner wrote:
>> Well, you grumpy old soul, deteriorated from what?
>>         Buzz
>From it's very first issue i have every single issue.
>Either by subscription; or by buying them on the newsstand.
>I doubt I've missed many.
>This year they seem to be looking more and more like the French PHOTO.
>Except  i can read it.
>But it still has all kinds of good stuff in it.
>Less intellectual somehow.
>Plenty of digital that's for darn sure.
>mark :) rabiner
>updated temporary Website by "Foxy":
>(consisting of late night E-mail descriptions of photos)

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