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Subject: Re: [Leica] Tina's print pricing
From: "Wilber Jeffcoat" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 16:23:47 -0500
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You make a very good point with this. I have a best friend who is one of the
best children's portrait artists I know of and he will not charge what his
work is worth (in my eyes anyway) as he feels that he doesn't have the
stones to charge more. But his work is worth ten times what it goes for.

Anyway I apologize to Tina for reposting the prices. Didn't know this would
get out of hand.
Cheers Wilber
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From: "Frank Filippone" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2001 3:09 PM
Subject: RE: [Leica] Tina's print pricing

> I think Jim may have captured some of my thoughts....I just don;t want to
> say thay either is right or wrong.... they are different in their
> perspectives.....and I do have my favorite side.
> I think there are 2 schools of thought, and instead of 2 theoretical
> schools, they divide by income source....Those that MUST or CHOOSE TO
> art to live, and those of us that create art for fun.
> I would be most happy to GIVE AWAY my art to know that it hangs in the
> hallway of someone that likes the picture.  I could not do this if I were
> supporting myself through phtotgraphy.
> Do I think some photographer making his living in photography would do
> without ulterior motive?  We know they do not.  They sell their work for
> going rate.  Seemingly unrelated to the quality of the work or the
> reknown.
> There are many on the NG that DO make their living taking pictures.  I
> to respect their feelings.  However, when I look at the general trash that
> sells for literally hundreds to thousands of dollars per print, I do react
> negatively.  I have visited several museums, and viewed their phtotgraphic
> works.  Modern "masters" were in abundance.  I don;t think I would have
> bothered to thumb through them at a swap meet.  OTOH, I have seen some
> at the Buena Park camera swap that was selling for $20 each that was truly
> stunning.  He does not make his living selling pictures.  He AUGMENTS his
> lifestyle or supports his hobby.
> We are all free to price at whatever price we want.  I do believe that in
> general the prices are out of control.  Digital could be the great
> But beware that the pictures are not re-scanned and resold by your
> customers.
> Frank Filippone