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Subject: [Leica] Print pricing and a Print Swap
From: "Frank Filippone" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 13:02:07 -0800

I think the question here was... what is full price?  I spend about 3-4
hours creating and mounting a single 11x14 silver print.  If I were full
time, charging $50 per hour, that would have cost $200 in labor.  Adding
paper etc of $5 is obviously inconsequential....Should I make 20x24 prints
since they don;t cost more hours and only marginal extra material costs to
create and I can GET MORE $$$?

Should I mark it up by 3x, 4x, or 5x?  I don't think I would get too many
takers at $600$1000 a mounted 11x14 print B+W Silver print by (un)famous
Frank Filippone.  ( I wonlt even go to the place of Gallerty 100%-200%

Give it away? well, I am not so sure that is  a good approach... EVERYONE
wants a freebie.  I like the idea of trading..... my 1 for your 1.  No
scales, no egos, just pure enjoyment.

There are those out in Leica land that would like to get a gallery going...
why not a swap gallery?  My 1 for your 1.  Anyone game?

Frank Filippone

On Behalf Of Henry Ambrose

I think giving it away is better.
A rule that I established years ago, that I sometimes still break
(much to my dismay) is:

Full Price or Free.

Making something just so you can sell it cheap is self abuse. I would
suggest that no one do that unless thats the only way to eat. Even then
you better fix it quick - get another job! It also abuses the market and
might lower the value of others work.

a "working photo professional"

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