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Subject: Re: [Leica] Nikon Plans -OT
From: Vick Ko <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 09:18:39 -0400
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Damn.  And I just sold my F3 to my brother, to free up some
funds for a 90mm Summicron.


Ken Iisaka wrote:

> > The F3 is a Leica of a Nikon!
> > mark rabiner
> Well, perhaps I wouldn't go that far, but F3 is certainly legendary in its
> own way.  As an owner of a titanium-clad F3/T, let me list some of the most
> special aspects of it:
> The winding is extremely light, thanks to ball bearings.  The torque
> required is so light that it's almost hard to judge whether there is film in
> it just by winding.  It does not have the well greased feel of a well
> adjusted M3, but winding is so effort less, that its motor drive, MD-4 is
> not really missed most of the time.
> The shutter mechanism is utterly simple.  It just has a hook and an
> eletronic magnet to control the release of the titanium leaf curtains.  The
> lack of slow-speed governer helps reduce the winding torque, as well.  The
> shutter is said to be the most durable of all ever made.
> The body, even the regular type, is extremely durable.  It is well known
> that some journalists have used the camera as a weapon to get out tricky
> situations.
> The viewing area is the same as the film area.  None of the 92% or even 96%
> viewing area.  If you see it, it will be on the film.
> While I have found SL and R8 to be fabulous, Nikon F3 certainly has its
> place in history.

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