Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/10/04

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Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 - to anyone
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 12:50:34 +0100


sorry about the piecemeal answer, but here goes (i should add that the
answers below apply to the ttl model):

>I just purchased an M6 but have no instructions.  It certainly is not like
>my M4.  Does the camera automatically read the asa from the film cartridge?

definitely not; you still have to set the film speed manually. the only
thing electronic about the camera is the meter.

> Does the meter automatically choose a shutter speed based on the f-stop I
>turned to on the lens?

once again, definitely not. nothing about the camera is automatic.

>Also I cannot find the serial number anywhere.  Did
>Leica stop doing this?

no they didn't. the serial number is on the hot shoe.

>How can I inactivate the metering system when doing
>special effects?

don't know what you mean by 'special effects,' but you can only shut the
meter off by turning the shutter speed dial to off, which means you can't
take any pictures! if you need to take pictures *without* using the meter
(and i can't imagine why you'd need to to that), simply remove the battery
from the camera before shooting.

Does the speed automatically change to a lower one when
>using flash?

i can't respond to this question as i never use flash with the m6.

How can I obtain an instruction book.  E-mail to Leica
>resulted in NO response.

here again, i'm sorry to say i can't help, but like you, my first move
would be to contact leica. be more persistent with them, maybe they'll
respond to a second (third, fourth) request.



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