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Subject: Re: [Leica] Summarit take apart?
From: "Jason Hall" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 23:08:38 +0100
References: <>

> You don't need to be specially trained to take the lens groups
> Provided you do not try to unglue cemented elements or to take the
> blades apart, you really can't ruin a lens.  A lens is (simply put)
> much more than some threaded pieces screwed together and with some
> screws put in. If you have any mechanical aptitude, you can take a
> even a Lecia lens, apart.

Quite so, and the aperture blades need not be impossible to reassemble
particularly on simpler lenses, I have seperated and reassembled the
blades on a Summitar and a Russian 35 2.8, removing the oil with a
quick wash in alocohol, they really only go together one way, so its
just a case of fiddling till it goes together correctly.  I recently
bought a pair of "dead" Pentax spotmatics off ebay for next to
nothing, I used one for spares and a "learning experienence" the other
is now an EXC++ user and I had the satisfaction of fixing it myself.


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