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Subject: Re: [Leica] drymounting inkjet paper
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 12:12:46 -0700
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Johnny Deadman wrote:
> on 1/10/00 11:09 am, Austin Franklin at wrote:
> >> Drymounting inkjet papers is almost certainly a bad idea as it may cause
> >> immediate colour changes, and probably affects the archival qualities.
> >
> > Have you actually done this, or know first hand, that this happens?  Light is
> > different than heat...
> Not me, as I don't have a heatpress, but I have heard several first hand
> reports. Why take the risk, anyway? Inkjet papers don't curl the way fiber
> prints do, so the hinging method works great. And it is the approved
> 'museum' way of mounting all kinds of prints (check out the Kodak guide on
> this or any guide for curators).
> --
> Johnny Deadman

Hinging is where it is at now!
Dry mounting is not done like it once was.
It's even frowned on as not being archival.
But gallery owners still get dry mounted prints from established older timers
who don't feel a need to change and don't really have to.
Dry mounting is reversible but not 100 percent always.
And high heat is never good (but especially when the print is still wet)
Once the paper behind glass it's no longer an issue.
But in a stack their's the feel of the paper to think about.
In a book with plastic pages: that works well with inkjets as well as RC's.
My heavyweight Epson matte paper feels great in a stack.(Of 8.5x11's)
Not quite as good as a stack of double weight Ilford Multigrade fiber 11x14's or 8x10's.
mark rabiner

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