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Subject: Re: [Leica] Salgado's Developer
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 12:53:16 -0700
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Dances_with Leicas wrote:
> Does anyone know what developer and dilution Sabastio Salgado uses for his
> tri-x?
> I need more edge contrast/acutance than xtol 1:1, and I would like to keep
> grain from becoming obnoxious. Any ideas? I would like to hear any
> suggestions.
> ;)
> jim
> Jim Tiemann
IF you need more edge contrast/acutance than Xtol 1:1 try it 1:3, that's exactly
what you get with that higher dilution. Don't worry about "capacities" in a tank
just give it a few more minutes and it will look great.
I've done countless full tanks, two liter tanks with 8 rolls of 35mm film or any
combination of 120 and 35.
Inspect your image with a grain magnifier and also your prints with a lupe, eyelashes.
Xtol gives you a sharper picture than you think as it is so grain free.
mark rabiner

I do run what little Delta 3200 that i shoot at 1:1 Xtol, seems to work better.
But I do run ALL my film in Xtol 1:3 and have been for over a year.
I believe it is darn close to being as sharp as Rodinal which I used previously.
Maybe sharper.

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