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From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:35:24 -0400

Ted...We thank you for the much too kind words....and feel compelled to
remind all who attended that the salmon, which other than the presence of
Ted, Tina, and a few other LUG living legends, was the show stopper, was
hand carried from Olde New York, where he purchased it, to Boston by LUGer
Buzz Hausner...

But the gathering really was a delight....I always end up feeling afterwards
the way I did at my wedding - wondering who was there and whether I talked
to them..:-)...But that's hard to avoid with 20+ people....I must have
talked to Tina at least for a few moments, because now I read all her posts
with a drawl....and I recall Gerry twiting me about referring to the tea
drinkers as Brits, so I know I chatted with him...

We will do this again next someone plan on a trip....

B. D.

P.S. It was of course, both a delight and instructive, to meet the illusive
Irene Grant, clearly the least heard from, most influential, LUG
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 1:13 AM
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> Howdy Guys & Gals,
> All in all I'd say we're a pretty good lookin' bunch of Leica Users! ;-)
> B.D.  please tell Ben he did a very admirable job with that lot of
> beauties in making them look reasonably sober, vertical and breathing! :-)
> Boy what a BASH! Whew! I have to tell you when the BLUG do a Bash, they
> do a Bash! No wonder the Boston Tea Party changed the course of the
> western world, I have to tell you those "Bean Towners are the best!" :-)
> Smoked salmon, lots of goodies, excellent single malt scotch, fine wines
> and comfortable beds! Hell of a good party with Leicas, pictures and
> people all over the place!
> Once again I've enjoyed a face to face encounter with "real LUG people."
> The warmth of a hand shake and the smile of a human being I've only
> known as a name on the screen.  It truly is an interesting event to have
> written someone for years, shared their lives as though we were lifelong
> buddies merely through postings on a computer screen, then all of a
> sudden here they are in real life!
> To those who attended may I offer my heartfelt thank you for coming
> along to the home of B.D. & Sara Colen so we could share a handshake we
> may never do again. And if that is the case, at least when we read the
> LUG we do so with a face on the screen and not just a name. And realize
> there truly is a friend on the other side of that glass!
> To B.D. & Sarah a very big thank you for sharing your home and
> hospitality with the crew allowing for a warm location to gab away to
> our hearts content about things Leica and photography.
> Theses kinds of get togethers can only strengthen our resolve to keep
> the LUG conversation alive and well........................  Oh yeah and
> "on topic!" ; - )
> ted
> Victoria, Canada