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Subject: Re: [Leica] mechanical watches
From: Javier Perez <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 00:48:17 -0400
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It's a big step towards creating a truly perpetual watch.
The only problems are that capacitors, if that's what they are using
tend to go south after about 20 years unless they are non
electrolytic and very well encapsulated (Glass). Rechargable batteries
tend to loose their rechargability after a few years. Also, seals and gaskets
tend to degenerate chemically. The ideal watch of this type would have
the best cap money can buy with enough buffer charge to keep the thing alive for
1 day with a full charge,
and a rugged low friction movement that lasts and lasts. Adjustments would have
to be
accomplished via some sort of inductive method such as an iron core being
the area where the winding stem usually. This could be left on all the time and
could have the appearance
of a normal crown. It would not penetrate the watch's movemrnt boundary though.
Another approach would involve having 1 or 2 contacts that would penetrate the
boundary but
would be sealed using a mfg process similar to that used for sealing contact on
vacuum tubes and light bulbs!
When was the last time one of those leaked?????? Tubes from the 20s and 30s are
still holding their vacuums today
Ditto for light bulbs. The last factor would be the sealing of the glass around
the stainless steel cushion.
I don't believe this would be a problem and the watch might be vacuum packed with
a little gadget viewable
through the glass that pops or turns colours if air ever gets in. BTW: +-14.1 PSI
is irrelevant 500 meters down
just 1 more ATM. The only problem remaining would be the clumsiness of time
changes for frequent travelers
For them there would be several solutions
1 Keep the watch at GMT and quit bitching
2 Keep the GMT Master and quit bitching
See Ya
Javier wrote:

> In a message dated 9/15/00 9:24:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << Hi
>  The Kinematic is a Quartz watch with a capacitor or battery that gets
> recharged
>  by a little generator that's turned with wrist movement. Like all quartz
> watches, it is
>  impervious
>  to position.  It's a great idea, Quartz accuracy without battery dependency.
> Bout time.
>  Javier
>   >>
> Best antidote to that uncomfortable phenomenon of having the watches fall
> apart when one attempts to change batteries.  Been known to happen.
> Frequently.
> Joe Sobel

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