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Subject: [Leica] Re: .....meter....
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 09:25:54 -0700
References: <039f01c01fa6$5b9e3120$5c9015a5@oemcomputer>

At 11:21 AM 9/16/00 -0400, Jesse Hellman wrote:
>Gossen Luna-Pro Digital. Extremely thin, so you can even put it in a
>shirt pocket. Easy to read, incident and reflected.

The Gossen Luna-Pro Digital is probably the best handheld meter available

Instant on. When it is off, you can take a reading as if it were on. It
turns on, takes a reading and displays the result. In a fraction of a
second. Other meters (Sekonic digital for instance - unless they've changed
recently) require a power-on cycle that tests the display and who knows
what else. Then after it is done (it takes its sweet time,) you can then
take a reading.

A "full" analog scale under the digital reading so you can instantly see
the digital reading in terms of where it lies on your f/stop ring. This
itself is worth the price of admission.

Hold the read button down and point the meter in various directions and the
analog scale will display the entire range you have scanned while retaining
the original reading the digital display and while the read button is
pushed, the "current" value is blinked on the analog scale. Great for
determining dynamic range and determining how to actually expose for a
complicated scene.

It will read a filter and set itself to automatically correct the exposure
reading for that filter for all subsequent readings. A couple of button
pushes will cancel out the stored filter correction.

And this is just the beginning of what it will do.

And it is small, thin, and the reflected reading is at only 25 degrees
which is more selective than most meters.

Go to  to learn more.

I actually own a Gossen Luna Star F2, which has exactly the same
electronics and features, but is a different (larger) package and is meant
for mainly incident use. I like the intuitive and quick operation of the F2
so much that I am going to buy a Luna-Pro for outdoor work.

Mark Rabiner has a Luna-Pro and can second everything I said.


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