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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Why are LTM versions so expensive
From: khmiska <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:43:37 -0400
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Excellent point. Logical thinking.
Ann Arbor

John Collier wrote:

> This going to sound sarcastic but I am not meaning it to be so please do not
> flame me. Leica made their last LTM mount camera in 1962 or 3. Even then it
> was a small run, the last large production run would be 1958 or so. You are
> suggesting they should redesign their complete lens range to suit cameras
> they have not produced in forty years? If we follow that logic, they should
> also build every lens with the mount too short and a bag full of shims so
> that the people with non-standardized LTM cameras can use them too. Leica
> wanted people to buy M cameras, they wanted to discontinue LTM production
> and this was a very reasonable corporate strategy. One gets the impression
> on this list that Leica is completely incompetent. Possibly that they have
> been blowing their money on new liederhosen (sp?) for their workers! Can we
> not at least acknowledge that the M camera was a significant improvement
> over the LTM cameras? Much has been said of the enormous success of the
> Cosina/Voitlander LTM stuff but I have yet to bump into anyone on the street
> using one, nor have the local papers dumped their Cankon gear for it. The
> rangefinder market is VERY SMALL. Cosina makes this stuff because their boss
> wants them too otherwise they would drop it for more profitable use of their
> production equipment. Leica has limited production resources. If they expand
> too aggressively during good times, they will be wiped out in the next
> economic downturn (as they nearly were). Thus they have limited time that
> has to be allocated as best they can. If they build something new that means
> something else does not get produced period. OK. I have been sarcastic.
> Flame away.
> John Collier
> > From: "M.E.Berube of GoodPhotos.Com" <>
> >
> > It would seem to me to Leica's advantage to make LTM as their default mount.
> > Is there any image quality lost when using an LTM version with an adapter
> > as compared to the M mount version of the same lens?
> > By making LTM lenses default (sold with an M adapter standard), Leica might
> > encourage a few budget minded folks to use classic or new C/V LTM bodies
> > instead of buying an M body first, but they would also make their lenses
> > more adaptable and desirable to a broader market without lessening their
> > dedication to their current M clients or costing themselves huge amounts in
> > retooling.
> > If anyone sees a flaw in this logic please point it out.
> >

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