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Subject: Re: [Leica] quiet cameras in cathedrals?
From: Bill Satterfield <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:05:26 -0500
References: <>


It has been my experience that some Americans in foreign countries treat the
natives like they are the foreigners. Thus the phrase " The Ugly American" came
into being.

Jem Kime wrote:

> B.D., Greg,
> This point of 'would we do it at home' was one I thought I'd like to pick
> up... (roll eyes now!)
> Going back to the original post regarding 'taking pictures in some church
> in a foriegn country during a service', that's something we'd never dream
> of doing at our local place of worship - without prior arrangement. It's
> contemplatable (elsewhere) because we don't live there and our image of
> ourself, and that seen of ourselves, is excused in some way.
> This takes me back to one of Jim's posts years ago, where he asked, "Would
> we talk like this to each other if we knew each other in person?"
> (paraphrased, apologies Jim)
> In this context what I'd draw from that is to ask, 'Do we treat people in a
> foriegn land int he same way as those at home?'
> (rhetorical question, no response needed)
> Jem
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> From:   Greg Locke []
> B.D wrote:
> >  You don't need to do into the jungles of Brazil
> >or Congo to photography the daily lives of families, interactions of their
> >members, or their reglious rites and practices. If you don't want to do it
> >in your own home, go next door....
>          Well, BD, you raise a good point here and I certainly agree with
> you.
> For a while now I have struggled with the question "why can't I do this in
> my home town?"
> Greg Locke

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