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Subject: RE: [Leica] quiet cameras in cathedrals?
From: Greg Locke <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:45:02 +00-02

As a working photojournalist and anthropologist there is one thing that 
always amazes me about a lot of the people who post to this list and the 
comments they make about photography.

Never have I met a group of people who have such an enthusiasm for 
photography, yet have so little understanding of its origins, history and 
true value as a cultural and social communication tool.

Sure, some of you are paranoid or have serious hate for the Press, News 
Media and documentary photography but that is no reason to be ignorant of 
the power of photography.

While photography of nature and family gatherings are a fine application of 
photography, true calling is that of a social tool.

A tool to document the human condition, our cultures and society. A tool of 
To educate is to break down ignorance.

Maybe when we stop worrying about tech charts and what kind of paint is on 
our Leicas we can do some reading about the work of Lewis Hine and Brassai. 
Their photography, because of their choice of subject matter and REASON for 
photographing have a far greater value then many of the "artists" that get 
a lot of hero worship on this list.

How about we approach photography from the point of view of the subject 
matter and WHY we make pictures instead of starting with the camera.

When I photograph some religious ceremony in Bosnia, Rwanda, Haiti.... or 
Newfoundland, I document a primary tenet of a peoples culture. When those 
pictures are shown to people in isolated and insular western cultures they 
LEARN something and, hopefully, gain an understanding of a culture they 
have never had contact with and, most likely, have some misguided views.

I hate to tell you but "this" ain't about flowers, trees and sunsets.

Greg Locke                         St. John's, Newfoundland    
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Touched By Fire: doctors without borders in a third world crisis.
ISBN#0-7710-5305-3 McClelland & Stewart

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