Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/09/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:Leica Tabletop Tripod
From: John Collier <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 07:36:51 -0600

I like the tabletop tripod and carry one most of the time. As to your
problem with the camera slipping on the head, I loosely screw on the head,
lock the body of the tripod head at 90 degrees (parallel to the camera body)
and use that as a "lever" to tighten on the head. If you have the large
Leica head, you want to exercise a little restraint in the force department.
For those of you who complained of the M's tripod socket position, just use
the handgrip.

John Collier

Is the Gitzo tabletop tripod available in carbon fibre?!! Tripod envy here I

> From: "Doug Richardson" <>
> "David Enzel" <> wrote:
>> I'd welcome hearing from people who use this tripod and head and how
> useful they find it.  Thanks for
> your help.
> My experience has been that these work well with old screw-mount
> Leicas, but I've found them tricky to use with heavier cameras such as
> the M or Leicaflex. I've noted two problems. One is that no matter how
> tightly I screw the ball & socket into the camera, the camera soon
> comes loose.  My wrists are not very strong, and I find it
> near-impossible to get a firm and reliable connection between the
> camera and the B&S. Also the weight of the cameras makes it hard to
> position when the ball is unclamped - I have this massive heavy camera
> flopping around on top of a lightweight tripod.  The whole thing feels
> like an expensive accident just waiting to happen!
> I suspect that the exercise of positioning the camera would be a lot
> easier if I could find a small B&S head which offered a degree of
> adjustable friction, but then I'd face a greater risk that turning the
> camera sideways would loosen it from the head.

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