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Subject: [Leica] Re: Eric the Red
From: "Gary Todoroff" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 23:51:57 -0700
References: <>

What great fun to read the whole story at one sitting, Howard, as I
decompressed from a day of Cibachrome printing! It reminded me of several
cross country trips over the years. Even your mention of Linkoping brought
back memories of five trips from southern Germany up through Sweden, one in
the dead of winter, dark middle of the night (or was it just 5pm?), snow
blowing everywhere, and hardly anyone out on the road except for one crazy
American in a Volkswagen.

Not even service stations were open as the miles started to suck away at
mere fumes in the tank, and I began to wonder how many coats and sweaters it
would take to keep me alive. Finally a light appeared ahead - a lone gas
station in the middle of a blurry, white landscape. Just as I pulled in, the
motor died, and I coasted to a stop in front of the pump.

Stockholm was always my final destination, and going through Linkoping
always felt like I was almost home.

The best road trip was the one that got me to Eureka, California 29 years
ago, in a 1964 Ford Falcon station  wagon with curtains in the windows, a
bicycle on the back, plywood box roof rack that held everthing I owned, and
two black M2 Leicas rattling around the floor-boards. I left New Brunswick,
NJ and arrived in Eureka four months and 10,000 miles later, intending to
buy a sandwich on my way through town. Not only did I take a lot of pictures
on that trip, I even stopped in Ohio (near Columbus!) and did a slide show
tour for a couple of weeks on that trip!

Funny, too, but back then I had just finished reading the two books you
mentioned - On the Road and Electric Koolaid Acid Test. Steinbeck's "Travels
with Charlie" completed a trio of "travel books" for me and lent a nice
balance to the other two in setting me up for the road tour of a lifetime.

Sounds like you've had one to last a lifetime, too. Next time,  be sure to
plan a stop in Eureka . . .

Great story, Howard!

Gary Todoroff
Tree LUGger

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