Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/09/06

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Eric the Red in Boston!
From: "Anders Nygren" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 22:17:15 -0600

De: ted Grant <>

>Martin Howard wrote:
>> >
>> >Eric the Red, the Longboat.  And so he was named.
>Jim Brick responded:
>> Martin... boats are female!<<<<<<<<
>OK Martin get your act to-gether before Boston!  You gotta get a female
>name for the big red machine!  We can have a christening in Boston at
>the BLUG, break a bottle of soda pop or scotch over the hood!
>Maybe a Viking female whom we can imagine was a wild, sword wielding
>wench, "Big Red Erica!"..... the dragon slayer! ;-)  "Erica the Big
>Red!"  "Big Erica the Red!"    You know, something to fire the
>imagination of Leica men! ;-)
>But she must be voluptuous, blonde and a great set of boobs! :-) I mean
>a big momma worthy of many Leica photographs!  I know ladies I'm being a
>male chauvinist pig! ;-)

Well, Teds description seems to fit only one person, the all most famous of
Brynhilde. Normally played by a fat soprano with a pair of hubcaps as a bra.

But my favorite from the old Icelandic sagas is, (the sister of the more
Aud the deepthinking),  Jorunn mannavettsbracka. Back in those days people
get descriptive names based on their deeds. (So that You could know that it
might be
a bad idea to mess with a man called Ulf the skullcleaver, as an example.)
Mannavettsbracka, is a Swedish composite word that could be translated into
as "breaker of mens sanity", which seems like a fitting name considering
Martins state
of mind when he got for this monstrous thing called a car, .

Another alternative could be to name it after the most famous, and largest,
of viking ships
Ormen Lange, the Long Serpent.

Can anyone arrange a Dragons head to be used as a hood ornament?

/Anders Nygren