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Subject: RE: [Leica] M6 back removable??
From: Jem Kime <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 07:01:58 +0100

There are some minor differences, the early M3s had ball bearings in the 
bottom of the backs which snapped into place.
Obviously the film reminder dials on the back changed through the years, 
and the M6 back would be wasted (maybe even incompatible) on the earlier 
models. I don't know about the M5 interchangeability.

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From:	Bill Satterfield []
Sent:	05 September 2000 21:50
Subject:	Re: [Leica] M6 back removable??

Are the backs interchangeable. That is if I find an M2 back in better 
than mine, can I switch them?

Jem Kime wrote:

> Gregoire,
> The back to the M camera is removeable and always has been. Quite why is
> hard to guess as there's never been any option to replace it with 
> else.
> It might have a service function for when alignment is checked? Like many
> others, we await future developments that may take advantage of this
> intriguing cul-de-sac in the M-Leica.
> Jem
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> From:   Gregoire Vandenschrick []
> Sent:   05 September 2000 13:06
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> Subject:        [Leica] M6 back removable??
> Hi all
> Thank you first for all the kind answer I had about my story on the 
> and private.
> As I inspected my new M6 TTL 0.72 under all angles possible, I noted that
> the movable rear back of the camera had the same little screw device as 
> one you can see in the axis of the back of the R, meaning this moveable 
> back can be removed. I didn't try to remove this for I'm very careful 
> this new marvel, and also I noted that behind the axis of the back, a 
> of tissue underlined, surely for the opacity of the device, but I'm not
> sure
> this piece is solidaire with the back, and would'nt dirupt it.
> What all is this for, only replace the back when it's broken or what, or
> maybe we could find one of these days an LCD back, in place of the 
> one, kind of digitizing the M?! Or is there a databack in its way at 
> for the M??
> Maybe also this has nothing mysterious, and I'm just a little bit too 
> in the M world?
> Don't flame me if my observation is a triviality
> Thank you,
> Gregoire Vandenschrick