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Subject: Re: [Leica] A very very cute story...
From: "Jerry S. Justianto" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 00:24:25 +0700
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Hi Greg, your story is the Best Leica Story of the Year.

My cute story is:  Since I adore Leica M very much from the window shopping
of a camera shop across my campus in Hawaii, I had collected articles on
Leica.  Believe it or not, I never touched range finder camera before.  So I
always imagine the descriptive of leica M brochure explaining the range
finder method viewing.  I never had a chance to touch it in the camera shop,
since I knew it is so expensive.  Then 14 years later in 1999, the time I
have to pre order
the camera, which I never touch or test before buying it.  It is just my
confidence that force me to buy the M camera.  And guess when the dealer
called me, "hey your camera is arrived!"  I drove to the shop ASAP, and then
opening the camera from the box, and being taught of the way of focusing
using the range finder and using the one finger on moving the focus ring of
35mm Cron.  I felt like watching my dream through the viewfinder of Leica M.

Jerry S. Justianto

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From: Grégoire Vandenschrick <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2000 9:05 PM
Subject: [Leica] A very very cute story...

> I'm so excited that I have to write you this...
> My fiancée and I will be married this 16 of september.
> This morning, I was walking around a well known camera dealer in brussel
> (near St. Boniface for the belgian people) and saw a Leica M3 in the shop.
> entered, inspected the camera, and baught it. I had the plan to offer it
> my girlfriend, as a wedding gift. This was so because I ennoy her now for
> more than six months with all the Leica docs I collected from the web,
> because I'm fond of the M6. Listening to me with such a kindness, she
> stay unreceptive to the Leica addiction, and found the M3 the best camera
> all. So, I come back home this midday, with a mystery look on my face,
> in a sudden, give her the camera. She was totally astonished by it, then,
> with also another, even more mystery look on her face, she asked me if I
> wanted also a wedding gift now, because it wasn't complete yet. I said
> and then... ho, what happend, she gave me a brand new M6 TTL 0.72 silver
> chrome, apologizing herself for there was not yet the 35 summicron asph
> it. The rest is a little bit to intimate to describe, but, ho boy, what a
> day!!
> This is totally real, and if not, I don't want to awake, what a wonderful
> girl I have...
> The M3 is an early one, double stroke, sn 740198, with a summicron 50 sn
> 1442083
> The M6 has sn 2495878.
> at least, M...
> Grégoire Vandenschrick

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