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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica on the cheap
From: Ken Lai <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:03:35 +0800


If I have a second M body, I would get the 21mm finder and permanently put
that on the second body. However I only have one body and I really hate
having to swap finders. If you have tried taking the finder off the M6
before, you would know what I mean.

And yes, I do use my R8 when I need tight framing. On the M, I find it
convenient if I can see the whole frame, and more, in the finder rather than
having to check with your left eye what is outside the finder but could be
inside the picture because the finder covers only part of the frame. This is
my opinion.

BTW I do think 300 dollars is a bit much for that finder, which is a bit
flimsy. The 1600 dollars 24 Elmarit I have, on the other hand, is well worth
the money.


on 31/8/00 8:27 PM, Michael Darnton at wrote:

> Ken Lai wrote:
>> I have the 24mm lens and
>> finder already but is thinking of getting the 21 as well but (i) I do
> not
>> want to spend 300 dollars on another finder and (ii) I don't want to
> keep. . . .
> I've seen this question repeatedly on this list in some form or another (can
> I use my M3 window to see the 35mm field, etc. . . ) I completely fail to
> understand in every single one of these cases why someone would put a two
> thousand dollar piece of glass in front of a two thousand dollar box and
> then cheap out on a device to figure out where the edges of the image are.
> If people are so intent on saving money, a Nikon F body will show you 100%
> of the frame for a cost less than a single Leica finder, and you can buy a
> whole set of lenses for it for less than a Leica 21mm lens. I don't even
> understand it when it's a $300 Summaron on a beat-up M-3 and you can pick up
> a rudimentary finder for another $70. I couldn't live that way--I won't buy
> a lens until I can afford a finder for it, two caps, a hood, and a UV filter
> to protect my investment.
> --Michael
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