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Subject: Vs: [Leica] M6 White Metering Spot
From: "Raimo Korhonen" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 20:59:58 +0200

How can a R8 be calibrated - it does not have the white spot? ;-)
I´m quite certain that the M6 has some resistors in its circuits, too.
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Päivä: 25. elokuuta 2000 7:25
Aihe: [Leica] M6 White Metering Spot

>Please take a look at the white metering dot on your M6's shutter curtain.  
>If you look very closely, you will notice that the white spot is not entirely 
>white.  This is because the white spot is calibrated at the factory for the 
>proper reflectance value by removing a bit of the white from it.  This will 
>give a mottled appearance to the spot itself.  Each spot is therefore 
>individual and different.
>Also note that the TTL has two different meter cells.  The ambient light 
>meter cell is at the upper left as you look into the lens mount.  The TTL 
>flash meter cell is on the lower right and reads off the film surface for 
>proper flash metering.
>Bill Rosauer