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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lens test
From: "Dan Post" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:38:19 -0700
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AHA- Photo "A" looks like a Leica Summicron shot- maybe the Summilux- just
had that "Je nai sais quoi..."
but if I am wrong- blame it on the internet!
I am sure that of the people that claim that they love the look of their
Minolta lenses, and claim they are as good as the Leica are probably right!
So, Leica reject 80% of the lenses sent to them because they didn't meet the
Leica tolerances- well, kiddies- that leaves 20% that did meet the
tolerances! So actually, if you buy Minolta- or any other major brand nname,
then you might stand a 1 in five chance of getting a superb lens, that might
rival the Leica lens.
I am sure that Minolta, et al, are perfectly happy with satisfying the
braoder market- I don't hear of them being in questionable financial
difficulties. However- that does not mean that those of us who appreciate
the quality of Leica lenses are somehow bereft- we apparently don't like to
gamble. So instead of taking a one in five chance of getting a superb lens
at a bargain price, we are willing to spend more, and be assured- at least
more assured, of getting a lens that meets the higher standard. IF we set
the bar higher- than we pay the price for clearing it!
I don't doubt that that Nikon by and large turns out a fine product, in
fact, I had a Yashicamat-124 that blew the socks off the Rolleis I had- I've
never seen another like that one- it's disappointing, but that one Yashica
was sharp, contrasty, you could read the cover of a matchbook across the
room in a photo- even when using Tri-X, and like a fool, I got rid of it!
I think that the Leica Marque is not just famous for quality- but
consistantly HIGH quality. Sure I would like a fancy car- but to be honest,
my Dodge Caravan, in the five years I've had it, has cost me no more than
$50 in sertvice, not counting having the brakes redone after five years-
whereas my friends who own two BMW 528s have spent close to $9K on new
radiators, new air conditioning equipment, onboard computers, and general
upkeep! Perhaps we are aberrations- I have an exception Dodge, and they have
a couple of Monday Morning BMWs! I don't know- I wouldn't like to think that
I buy Leicas for the same reason my friends buy BMWs- it does have a certain
panache, but the end results are consistantly good- Well, it has stopped
raining, and LoBelle sez I gotta go mow the grass.... See you guys later!
Dan ( Okay, Guys- lets talk about Leica MICROSCOPES!) Post
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Subject: RE: [Leica] Lens test

> You said it, not me!  ;-)
> Dan C.
> At 11:30 AM 23-08-00 -0500, Bergman, Mark A. wrote:
> >I guess if Minolta optics are good enough I would be wasting my money to
> >an R6 and leica lenses?
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