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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lens test
From: John Brownlow <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 15:43:29 -0400

on 23/8/00 3:12 pm, Dan Cardish at wrote:
> Have you actually read any of Erwins reports?

Yes. Erwin's tests measure a lot of things, but chief among them is
resolving power.
>> How impressed do you think the picture desk will be with your coke bottle
>> pix? 
> Apparently, if we are to believe you, they are impressed with your's, so
> anything's possible.

Where this came from I have no idea. I said I make big prints, that's all.
Other people can judge my merits or demerits as a photographer.
>> Your lens tests are pretty much the equivalent of driving four different
>> cars at 40 miles an hour down a straight smooth road without changing gear
>> or braking and then declaring there is nothing to choose  between them apart
>> from the trim.
> So who asked you to look at them?

You put them up on the web and posted the URL here indicating it was a
response to comments about Minolta optics (mine presumably).

Quite what you think posting handheld mid-aperture jpeg shots from all these
lenses is going to prove remains beyond me, but then admitting that one of
them wasn't even correctly focused takes the biscuit. Maybe you should trade
in all those lenses and buy some coke bottles...

Signing off from this lunatic thread.

- -- 
Johnny Deadman

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