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Subject: Re: [Leica] Portraiture without the blinding flash.
From: "Dan Post" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:31:45 -0700
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HAHA! Well, Joe- since I have hay fever for most of the year- and the goo
that stays on my eyes renders most of the world with a lot of flare! I love
it!!  :o)~
Again- seriously, The flare, apropos the thread from a week or so ago, helps
with the shadow details when you don't have someone to hold a reflector for
Now, Ted seems to use transparencies, and I don't know how the old glass
would work with slides- haven't tried it! But the added flare might go a
ways to ameliorate the inherent contrast in transparencies.
Once again, it boils down to a matter of ones' own taste- and since I don't
have to please too many people, nor do I have to wrangle with editors or
gallery owners, I shoot what I like, with what suits me, and have fun!
I do infact use the old glass on the M6- and I use the PV lever to frame
since I only have a 5cm adapter ring, but it works well, and even my Elmar
50/3,5 fits and seems to focus at infinity. So maybe I'm lucky, or jst not
as critical as many. Having too much fun to worry about it!

Dan (I get up in the morning, and I say,"Yippee!", I go to bed at night and
I say, "Whoopee!"- I get up in the middle of the night, and I say,
"Peepee!") Post

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Portraiture without the blinding flash.

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> << Here is an example taken with a 1937 uncoated Elmar mounted on a IIIa,
>  northern light and no fill!
>  Even a slow lens works with a good window! >>
> But just look at that flare!   >
> Joe Sobel

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