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Subject: Re: [Leica] R8 Question
From: Ken Lai <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 23:36:04 +0800
References: <310B62141943D111845E00600808E14E010125F6@EXCHANGE>

The R lenses are indeed fantastic. I would buy the R body just so that I can
use the 19 elmarit and 80 summilux. And I buy the R8 because it feels so
comfortable, especially with the motor drive. So the R8 dies today, I am not
worried, I got my backup.


> Lordy, Steve, but you do like to reopen cans of worms!  :-)
> I have never owned a Leica SLR, but do have an F3.  I like the F3, except
> for the metering.  Like you say, it is sturdy as can be and has never broken
> down on me.  But if the R lenses are anything like the M lenses, it doesn't
> surprise me that folks are willing to put up with the R8's flaws.  I'm no
> lens hugger (I never have been one to pay to much attention to all those
> lens tests, particularly from photo magazines), but there really is a world
> of difference between Leica M and Nikon AIS lenses in the real world of
> shooting, particularly wide open and into the sun.
> Of course, if I ever get a Leica SLR, I will probably hedge my bets, and get
> a SL or SL2...
> Bob Kramer (loves the build quality of those "classic" Leicas)
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> > From: Steve LeHuray []
> > Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 9:44 AM
> >
> > Sorry, but, I can not resist after listening to all this
> > foo-foo-ra over the
> > R8 ever since I have been on this list. I have two Nikon F's
> > bought used 30
> > years ago, heavy pro useage on dirty, dusty motorsports
> > tracks around N
> > America. Never even been serviced, never broke. F2, ditto.
> > F3, FM2n, fifteen
> > years and ditto, ditto. Still have all five, still trucking
> > right along. For
> > the marginal gain (if any) in Leica optics why are ya'll doing this to
> > yourselves????? Can somebody start a separate R list please.
> >
> > Steve (Love my Leica M's)
> > Annapolis

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