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Subject: Re: [Leica]: Portraits
From: Wilber Jeffcoat <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:07:03 -0400
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Light is light, weather it comes from strobes or windows. It's only a matter of
volume and control, which I feel gives you the quality of the light. I shoot
with a lot of strobe, but use Soft Boxes (elinchrom octa bank 76" across)   that
duplicates the effect of window light. When I work on location the first thing I
look for is a window and a way to control the light. Look at the work of HBC and
you will see window lighting used at it's best. So find a window and have at it.

Cheers Wilber

Peter Stamos wrote:

> "Just wondered if anyone out there has done any "serious portrait work"
> using only window light? In colour or B&W, and what film/lens
> combination they used?
> I mean portraits that challenge the "portrait studio " of
> strobes/hotlights ?
> ted"
> While I doubt this will be very helpful except by way of example, I have
> done project-specific, non-commercial portraits that eschew studio portrait
> conventions using only an M6, 50mm, Tri-X at 400 and T-Max 3200 at 3200.  In
> one of my favorite examples using the latter, my subject, a young woman in
> her twenties, was illuminated by late afternoon sun through floor to ceiling
> panel glass in a modern corporate box building in New York City. Whether the
> result is in fact truly ethereal, as I believe, is, of course, a matter of
> opinion, I suppose.  I also like a series of portraits I did with Tri-X of a
> four-year old and her mother, before a large, almost all white abstract
> painting, facing daylight coming through full length curtains.
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