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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Re: Why M is so popular?
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:01:12 -0700
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Miro Jurcevic wrote:  My response follows each line.

> 1. I have never had a BAD nikon. They are almost bullet-proof.<<<<<<<<<

Really? How nice. :-)

> 2. I have never owned an electronic camera that needed a battery to go click.<<<<<

Gee that's strange, I thought if it were electronic it required some
kind of power. 

> 3. I have never bought a new camera


> 4. I will never buy a new camera.

Pity again!

> 5. I do not need a new camera.

If you say so. Although it might be a good idea to try it sometime.

> 6. If Leicas are so good, why do so many people that own, never use them.
> Obviously used Leicas last a lot longer than stored models.

I suppose they like to look at them. I'm still "using an SL" from 1969
does that count?

> 7. Why does a IIIg work perfectly, and a R4, R4s, R7, R6, R8 all fail.

Gee I don't know and you seem to be so Leica knowledgeable, how be you
tell the crew?
> You have all the answers to questions that I have never asked you. I am
> going to find those questions and then slot the answers in.<<<<<<<<

Go for it mon ami. Do hurry though as I'm holding my breathe. ;-)

>At which time I will happily ignore your advice, since I still think R
cameras are rubbish
> and I can't wait till I find one that works.<<<<<<<

Cool again! When you do, please let the LUG Crew know,  we'll hold a
party for you. :-)

>>>>>After all, I have more lenses than days in the week.<<<<<<<<

Good on you old buddy, must be a hell of a sweat having all those
wonderful Leica R lenses and no R body to drive them.;-)  Hang in there,
 some day your Leica R dream will come true! 

See ya! ;-)

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