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Subject: Re: [Leica] CONDEMN Ebay?
From: John Coan <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 10:50:35 -0400
References: <>

My two cents.... My Ebay feedback rating is now 70, after three years of
sell and buying.  Obviously I'm not a high volume person and do it as a
hobby.  My experience has been almost universally positive.  I've bought
and sold a lot of good Rolleiflexes, accessories, etc.  I bought a Bessa
II and used it sporadically for a year then sold it for what I paid.  I
got some great experience out of that.  I've bought some Leica lenses
that were just as described and cheaper than KEH.  When things get too
high I don't bid... the marketplace is so large that for all but rare
collectibles there will always be something else next week.  I have
never cheated anyone.  I have only been dissapointed once... on a Leica
CL that came and the meter didn't work. The buyer said it was working
when he shipped and I suppose it could have been damaged in transit.
When I resold it I made absolutely sure the buyer knew in advance that
the meter didn't work.  I took a loss.  But that's integrity.

I've learned to use a reserve.  Some buyers are dishonest and there is a
well known method to cheat a seller using two bidders with one
retracting at the last minute.  Reserves keep that from happening.  I
wish it weren't so.

I really don't mind folks listing their ebay auctions here.  I am too
busy to keep watch on all the stuff there and sometimes a pointer
helps.  I also think it's a nice gesture to list your stuff here first.
I try to do that.  However, some times I don't know what a fair price is
and let the marketplace decide with an auction.

Ebay has leveled the playing field between collectors and used camera
stores.  A fair price is defined as when a willing buyer and a willing
seller with perfect knowledge agree on that price.  Ebay facilitates
that like nothing else could have before.

By the way, has anyone noticed the large increase in auctions from
Germany lately priced in DM?  I wonder if Ebay decided to list all world
auctions together, or if the usage in Germany has recently increased?
For someone interested in German cameras this is a good thing.  Now, I
need to find out what a "vorkasse" is.  :-)

George Lottermoser wrote:

> I Respectfully Submit,
> As someone who has recently looked into and used eBay for buying
> and selling photographic equipment: I find it a fascinating world
> market place. It takes some time/effort to make a good listing
> with photos, etc. But one can find considerably more information
> regarding the look and condition there than a few few words on
> the lug.
> > IMO, people who put up an article on Ebay first and then tell
> everybody in the LUG to go and have a crack at it is like someone
> who wants his cake and eat it.
> And find no offense in luggers letting me know where I can go to
> get this expanded information, as well as a feel for the the
> international market.
> > I see it as an unfriendly and selfish act within a forum of
> people who generally have a common interest and comraderie.
> Having sold 8 items and bought a few, I have found the
> photographic community on eBay every bit as friendly and
> courteous as any lugger and in some cases more so.
> > imply? I get the message that we are given one chance to make
> good the purchase (and better do it quick). Otherwise, whoever it
> is is going to get a better deal on Ebay.
> While I love to find great deals, anywhere, I also NEED to get
> the best possible price on anything I sell. And eBay, like every
> other auction venue, represents the true market value on any
> given day within the buyer group present. A couple years ago I
> bought a Durst Lab 184 (8x10) with color head and 300mm Nikkor in
> superb condition for $250 at Local commercial studio auction,
> essentially scrap steel prices. That represented the market at
> that place on that day. Good for me.
> I have always enjoyed the auction approach as a fascinating
> marketing experience, whether eBay, Sotheby's or the local scene.
> And I welcome the knowledge that auctions offer regarding the
> various market fluctuations.
> > Ebay seems to have succeeded in bringing out the worse in human
> behavior.
> Advice: Leave the emotions out of buying and selling. Enjoy the
> fact that that the technology allows us to shop / sell around the
> world, meeting wonderful people in far away places.
> My vote: Let us know if you have things for sale on Friday, with
> or without ebay list info. I'm just another potential customer
> for the item. Not a dear friend or relative. If I'm interested in
> owning your gear, I'll go look and bid. If not I won't. Remember
> the old advice, "Don't sell your used car to your
> brother-in-law."
> But: I really did get a good feeling (emotion again) from reading
> about the fellow who only sold stuff for what he put into it.
> Wonderful human being. Kudos. I can't afford to do that at this
> time.
> George

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