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Subject: RE: Vs: Vs: Vs: [Leica] 50mm lens: now '-M'
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 13:39:24 -0700

> If you consider 18 year old lens to be "of the latest 
> optical design available, currently or not, from Leica" - >
whatever that means, then you are correct. 

Well, the latest optical design for the 38 Biogon from Hasselblad
is from 1952...even with all the computing power in the world,
no one could come up with a better optical formula.

I guess there are two definitions as to what 'current lense'
means.  One is the optical formula, two is the cosmetics... 
But with Leica, that isn't even enough, they changed the shade
on the 35 ASPH but left the box with the same part
I ended up with a lense that is both optically and cosmetically
exactly the same as the current one (which is what I supposedly
bought), but with an old version shade and case...and Leica took
no responsibility for their feeble numbering system that caused
me to have to pay out a few hundred dollars more for a new case
and shade...

No wonder Oscar was a grouch.

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