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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Titanium M6
From: Jesse Hellman <>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 16:09:02 -0400
References: <>

Of my three M6s one is Titanium. It is very beautiful in my opinion,
although I would have preferred it if the leather were of a usual
texture. The titanium finish (yes, it is not solid but a finish, why I
do not know) is considerably more scratch resistant than the black
chrome. I think it is more unobtrusive tham the chrome, but obviously
moreso than the black. All of my lenses are black.

Oddly, the shutter dial works much more smoothly than that of an M6 0.85
I have, similarly but even more smoothly than my first M6 which I bought
in 1985. I wondered if this were just chance, or if the Titanium model
had been assembled more carefully. Is this the type of thing that
Sherry  can adjust when time comes for a CLA? A rep from Leica USA told
me that these variations were normal, but this seems much too much to
just be a normal variation.

It has one other unusual thing: there is a small phillips screwhead on
the shutter speed dial of the M6. On the titanium model this is black.
Behind the dial is a small black plastic dot on each of my M6s. If you
line up the two dots the shutter is set for 1/250. This is very useful.
I have never seen the chrome camera, but would asume it is the same on
it. Is it? On the black cameras the black plastic dot is almost

Jesse Hellman

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