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Subject: Re: [Leica] 24mm R dog
From: ralph fuerbringer <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 19:41:49 -0400

 personlly i think the first dog was xenon but b.d.colen would know for
sure. he identified  balsamina as the oskar barnick wife who invented
balsamic vinegar. i forwarded all i could find out about balsamina to
him privately.  i am forced to release it to the list because inquiries
about balsamina are deteriorating. for example, what are her measurements?
did oskar use short ends from the blue angel for his first roll ever and how
many were balsamina nudes? where can they be viewed and how much? please
direct these inquiries to b.d.colen.

post to <>
july 22 00
subject:what's in a name?

after your post about oskar's wife i had sherlock 2 on my imac div
se(obsolete since macworld) check her imput on the leica. there would have
been no leica w/o balsamina! oskar picked the name vinnie! maybe to honor
balsamina's vinagrette or perhaps because he told everyone they were
introduced by "my cousin vinnie." a europeon often uses a first name for a
creation:my stunning italian expresso(made in spain)is called
francis!francis! luckily oskar asked his wife if she like the name vinnie.
1/2 italian, 1/2 flatbush,balsamina replied"i lika." oskar was overjoyed.
"by god i think she's got it. lika! i love it. we'll spell it L-E-I-C-A!"
oskar jumped for joy (their daschhund).i'm sending off line as many think
even name was a divine was but from the kitchen. w/o
balsamina i'd be stuck with vinnie m2. thanks balsamina wherever you are.

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> Subject: Re: [Leica] 24mm R dog
> Wasn't Hektor the name of Ernst Leitz's dog?