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Subject: Re: [Leica] why shoot black and white film?
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 21:38:18 -0500
References: <>

>If we make the assumption that you will be scanning your images and
>then using Photoshop before either printing or putting the images back
>to film, what advantages are there to using black and white film?
>By shooting color negative film without filters, you can use color
>channels in Photoshop to simulate the use of an on-camera filter.  You
>have the added benefit of being able to compare the results of using
>different colored filters to change contrast and tones.  Plus, if
>you're shooting in lower light situations, you don't lose a stop or
>more from the filter factor.
>The main advantage I see is ease of development.  I can develop B&W
>practically anywhere.  I need more equipment to do C41.

If you are going digital, as you said, the advantages are that you 
have color images, if you need B&W just convert to greyscale. In most 
color situations you can color correct in photoshop, but there are 
certain lights that would need some daylight kicked into to be able 
to adjust color, like those orange industrial lights.  Impossible to 
filter correct those things.

As far as needing more equipment to do color...not really. All you 
need is a dev-tech to get/keep water at temp.  And remember C41 is a 
two step process and in most instances faster than B&W chems.  I have 
souped color film in many odd places, motel bathrooms, the media 
dining room at Atlanta Fulton County stadium, in a parking lot...all 
you need is a changing bag, some water, electricity, and your chems 
and that is it you are ready to rock and roll.

My road film developing kit consists of:
1) Dev-Tech
2) a plastic tub like you buy at Wal-Mart for a buck or two
3) 2 4 reel SS tanks and 8 reels
4) A Graduate
5) A SEN-RAC roll film dryer - not really necessary, but I have it so 
I use it- can be replaced by a hair dryer and a length of Dryer vent 
hose and a coat hanger.
6) A loup
7) long negative sleeving materiel
8) Unicolor 2 step C41 chems
9) A thermometer
10) a couple of quart jugs to keep chems in.
11) a film washer

That pretty much does it.  Run the film for recommended times, scan 
on polariod sprint scan and e-mail anywhere in the world from any 
where you have water, electricity, and a phone line.

One last note I do not go this trouble for fun, only do it when a 
client needs photos out ASAP and no one hour labs handy, do not have 
enough demand for this yet or I'd be jumping on the new digital 
camera Canon is coming out with...should blow the doors of the Nikon 
- -- 
Harrison McClary

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