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Subject: RE: [Leica] My Leica M6 TTL is dead!
From: Jem Kime <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:52:47 +0100

Sometimes small bits of broken film can jam the mechanism. Opening the 
camera and gently knocking it on your hand can sometimes (rarely) dislodge 
them and get you working again. This used to be a more common problem in 
the days of hand cut leaders and M2/M3 style take up spools though.
Of course you should enjoy your SL to the maximum while the M6 is away, it 
makes you realise the fun of getting up close.

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Sent:	05 July 2000 17:40
Subject:	[Leica] My Leica M6 TTL is dead!

My beautiful silver chrome Leica M6 TTL camera, bought only 3 months ago,
died yesterday in mid-roll while I was taking photos in the Morton 
in Lisle, IL.  The shutter just froze and nothing I tried could revive the
camera.  I had shot less than 25 rolls of film since I bought the camera.
Needless to say, I am shocked and saddened.  I thought a $2000 camera would 
be better built.  I have used many Nikon and Canon and Pentax cameras in 
last 20 years, and none of them have ever died on me, even though I shoot
several hundred rolls of film every year.  The Leica is covered by the 
Passport Warranty, so I will get it repaired or replaced by Leica.  In the
meantime, what can I do to handle the withdrawal symptoms?!  Any 
from LUGers would be greatly appreciated!

Muhammad Chishty

P.S.  I do have a Leicaflex SL that I can use while my beloved M6 is away.

Muhammad R.K. Chishty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance
Graham School of Management
Saint Xavier University
3700 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655, USA