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Subject: RE: Re: [Leica] Don Chatterton's Leicas
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 16:49:58 -0500
References: <030700185.47586@>

>  > Tell him what you are looking for and he will steer you
>>  to his best bargain, rather than high-balling you.
>I have tried to purchase things from him over the years, and
>have not.  I find his prices much higher than is avaliable for
>comparable equipment from other sources.  I have heard others
>mention this over the years as the one downside to him.
>Other than that, I have not heard any other complaints, if you
>want to pay his prices, I understand he is very reliable, and
>does have good product.

I do not understand this.  I have bought a lot of gear form Don over 
the years and his prices are as good as, or better,than many others 
dealers.  Don is a great fellow to deal with and I'd highly recommend 
him, as well as Sam Soshan, and Pat McKee - but Pat odes not sell 
used.  I recently bought some ltm to m adapters from Stephen Gandy 
and he also is good to deal with.  All are great fellows and I think 
you could not go wrong with any of them.

>As an aside, KEH has gone DOWNHILL in the past year.  The items
>I have received from them in the past six months have been overgraded.

Hmm everything I have bought from KEH has been better than 
advertised. I have bought a few "Ugly" and "Bargain" nikon lenses 
from KEH and damned if I can tell why they are graded so badly.  But 
those things were bought longer ago than the past 6 months.
- -- 
Harrison McClary

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