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Subject: Re: [Leica] colorplan CF
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 09:21:39 +0200
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I have both Colorplans and use the CF exclusively if I have glassless mounts.
I prewarm (not preheat) the slides before projecting. The curving comes by
moisture I think, not by temperature, i.e. if the moisture vanishes they
project perfect with the CF.  

I have the Hama thin mounts (1.3 mm) to be used with the LKM-magazines, where
the slides are pretty loose in, so they can bend themselves to fit the CF's

BTW, I use a computer to play a soundtrack and controll the projector and with
the CF it is a perfect show.

>> "FB" <> writes:

     > Hello Richard, I have the pradovit P300, with the colorplan - P2 CF
     > 1:2.5/90.  In fact I am not too happy with it since I can not get the
     > entire slide in focus. I can focus on the center or on the edges. The
     > leica brochure says that the CF lens is made for the slides without
     > glas but it doesn't work for me. Focusing these slides is more
     > difficult with slides framed by a lab then with these I frame myself
     > (without glas).  This problem is not caused by a curved screen since I
     > have the same problem when I project on a wall which is 100% flat. If I
     > wait long enough my slide will plop and focusing is better, but that
     > can not be the right way to work.  Are there other Colorplan CF users
     > with simular problems or can it be the projector ?  Greetings,

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