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Subject: [Leica] Suggested Leica Reading List- EQUIPMENT
From: "Sal DiMarco,Jr." <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 09:26:23 -0400

    The books are in alphabetical order by author. No one will accept any
responsibility for errors. Selections were recommended by member of the
Leica Users group and the Leica Enthusiasts Group. Quotes following each
book are from the person who has read the book. (I hope!). Enjoy!

BOWER, Brian
    "Leica M Photography"    David & Charles, 1995 ISBN 0-7153-0318 X
        Inspired me to use my small, lightweight Leicas for travel and
scenic photography.  I would have given up photography  otherwise. -- Anon.
    "Leica Reflex Photography"    David & Charles, 1991, ISBN 0-7153-9903-9.
            This book convinced me to buy a Leica.  It has short reviews of
lenses, cameras and accessories, tables showing
lens/body compatibility and when designs changed and great photographs. --
Jay Coleman

    "Handbook of the Leica System- 1999-2000 Catalog Number 920600
            Pascal Heyman

EASTLAND, Jonathan
     "Leica Handbook"  Hove Books, 1994
          Useful information about the M system, not overloaded with
theoretical or collectors-only stuff. --              Uwe Flammer
    "Leica M6 TTL Handbook"     Ajax News and Feature Service, 2000, ISBN
             Dan Honemann

    "The Leica Collectors Guide 1925-1960"    Hove Camera Photo Books 1976,
ISBN 0-906447-02
            Ever wondered what a FLEIN was? This book'll tell you! -- Gary

KUC, Hans-Jurgen
"Auf den Spuren der Contax", Wittig Facbuch, 1992. ISBN3-88984-118-x
        Hans Peter Lammerich

LAGER, James L.
    "Leica Illustrated History- Cameras  Vol. 1" Lager Limited Editions;
1993, ISBN 0-9636973-1-5
    "Leica Illustrated History- Lenses  Vol. 2" Lager Limited Editions;
1994, ISBN 0-9636973-2-3
    "Leica Illustrated History- Accessories  Vol. 3" Lager Limited Editions;
1998, ISBN 0-9636973-3-1.
        The most complete collection of Leica equipment to date, including
some of my old toys. -- Sal DiMarco, Jr.

 "Leica Illustrated Guide, 1925 - 1975" Morgan & Morgan, Inc., 1975, Lib. of
Cong. Cat  # 75-295-73
 "Leica Illustrated Guide II, Lenses, Accessories & Special Models," Morgan
& Morgan, Inc., 1978, LoCC # 78-54092
 "Leica Illustrated Guide III, M and Leicaflex Lenses/Special Models and
Accessories" Morgan & Morgan, Inc., 1979, LoCC # 79-90513.
        Bill Caldwell

LANEY, Dennis
    "Leica Pocket Book"    Hove Collectors Books, 1994, ISBN 1-874707-21-9.
            Nathan Wajsman

 "Instructions, LEICA M6"    Leica Camera, 1986, English edition, #930 275
        All you need to know in 44 pages.  Read it, put it away, go make
some pictures. -- Robert Schneider

LESTER, Henry M.
        See Morgan, Willard

     "The Leica/Leicaflex Way" Tenth Edition   Focal Press LTD, 1972, ISBN
            A thorough user's guide to Leica cameras up to and including the
Leicaflex SL. It is inexpensive and highly useful. --Damian Dlugolecki
    "Leica M6 - Rangefinder Practice M6 to M1"    Hove Books, 1993, ISBN
            It's a satisfactory if brief technical introduction to the Leica
M family of cameras and their use. There are some interesting details, I
never thought about, such as 'how to determine the correct length for a
neckstrap. --  Godfrey DiGiorgi

MORGAN, Douglas, etal
        "Leica Manual- 15th Edition" Morgan & Morgan, 1977 ISBN
             Covers equipment, technique. It has a fine gallery of well
known Leica photograhers. For the                                 gearhead
in us all, the equipment is from the early to mid seventies. --Rich Palmer

MORGAN, Willard
     "Leica Manual and Data Book"     Morgan & Lester Publishers, 1955
LOCC 35-14997
    Leica Manual" First Edition Morgan& Lester 1935
        The Book captures the excitement of the days when the Leica was new.
Did Oskar Barnack see a copy before he died?
                Doug Richardson

    "Applied Leica Technique"     Umschau 1984 ISBN  3-524-68014-3
            Richard W. Hemingway
     "LEICA M, the advanced school of photography"    Umschau, 1987, ISBN
            Paul Bolam

    "Leica: The First 60 Years,"  Hove Photo Books, 1985, ISBN
        Neither as encyclopedic nor as detailed as the other larger tomes,
but much more style (he's Italian!) and he shows the             passion we
all share. -- Emanuel Lowi
    On "The First 50 Years" - I know there are a newer issues but after
twenty plus years, I keep coming back to this one. -- Mike Durling
       On "The First Seventy Years"- Rather good ratio to
price/quality. --Bernard Degaute

Van HASBROECK, Paul-Henry
"The Leica : A History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory"  Philip
Wilson Publishers LTD 1983 & 1993, ISBN 0-85667-430
        Tim Atherton